Adding a linear contribution to depolarization in simulations of supercontinuum generation

Student oral presentation for the 2021 virtual CAP Congress on the topic of supercontinuum generation in optical fiber.

Simulation of Linear Depolarization Effects During Supercontinuum Generation in Optical Fiber

We simulate depolarization mechanisms in optical fiber based on linear and nonlinear effects, including a linear polarization mode coupling term to reproduce experimental observations.

Polarization-resolved supercontinuum generated in a germania-doped photonic crystal fiber

We characterize the polarization properties of a supercontinuum (SC) generated in a GeO2-doped photonic crystal fiber (PCF) to reveal the interplay between nonlinear broadening mechanisms of a pulse propagating in two independent fundamental modes …

Polarization resolution of a fiber-based supercontinuum spanning more than 2 octaves

We present a novel broadband spectrometer that resolves an orthogonal set of linear polarization states. Our system reveals the frequency-dependent nature of depolarization mechanisms occurring in highly-nonlinear fibers.

Supercontinuum generation

Study of polarization properties during supercontinuum generation using germania-doped photonic crystal fiber.